By Jolene Engle 38 Comments Showing our husbands respect in our society today is a pretty odd concept. The world tries to down play this very important attitude in the heart of a wife. In fact, if a wife is known as being respectful toward her husband, the world bashes her by labeling her weak-minded. I say this is complete nonsense, not to mention a lie from the Enemy. Seeing how my Lord commanded me to do this in my marriage, I figured this was a concept I needed to learn and take seriously! Be kind and supportive toward him.

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Purpose of the Blog Speaking out is essential for teachers The context. Education — along with other social supports — is being attacked, narrowed, and de-funded. This impacts all children, but especially those in poor and minority families. So teachers must speak out, not only to address specific issues but to thoughtfully inform the public and policy-makers about our work and what can make it great.

This use of our voice is not traditionally part of American teacher culture.

There exist far too many examples of leaders who seem to think leadership means making themselves look better by tearing down those around them. To use a construction metaphor, those leaders specialize in demolition rather than construction. A foreman of a construction company is there to ensure a structure is well-built and will stand the test of time. By starting with a solid foundation, ensuring the supports are strong and finishing with a sturdy roof, the foreman builds something that will be useful to the customer and continue to provide support to others for the life of its existence.

In similar fashion, a constructive leader is continuously building new leaders. By building a strong foundation of knowledge of the team, ensuring the support structure of people skills is in place and finishing with a strategic vision, a leader can create new leaders who will further benefit the company and society as a whole.

Constructive leaders also act as architects, planning personnel moves and job assignments to create the necessary capacity to build new leaders. Just as structures cannot be built without a plan, a new leader cannot be grown without one either. The foreman looks for the quickest, easiest way to remove the roof, walls and, if needed, the foundation. There are no thoughts given to future construction, just to eradication.

In similar fashion, a demolition leader tries to build himself up by taking down those around him.

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Humans like to EAT — me included! And you can get it for free, when you get in on our upcoming 28 Day KB Strong — Performance Challenge details below It is the newest iteration of my intermittant fasting approach that has worked for me and so many of my clients in recent years. The basics of it are — eat all of your calories in an 8 hour period. Choose a time frame that works for you. You can start at 9am and finish at 5pm. You can start at 12 noon and finish at 8.

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After using this cookware for a few weeks, the ceramic began to stick and degrade significantly. I can no longer honestly recommend it. You see, for the past few years, my family and I have been using a set of stainless steel pots.

Brittany and Trevor do you dance at the same studio in real life? Who is brittany from glee dating in real life. Suka banget sama mom. Get married in dating proper first kiss, but. Skip to content Partner comparison Vlogmas day. Brittany Raymond, the multi-talented dancer, and actress are one of the stars of ‘The Next Step. Brittany Raymond is a Canadian actress and dancer who is well known in the interest portraying the job of Riley on the Canadian fact series The Next Step.

She is also a co-instructor at the Joanne Chapman’s School of Dance.


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Allows you to limit the range of DLLs only to code-signed ones. Mhook library Several API hooking libraries exist. Typically, they do the following: Replace the initial part of a defined function code with our own code also known as trampoline. Upon execution, the function jumps to a hook handler. Store the original version of the replaced code of the defined function.

This is required for the defined function to operate properly. Restore the replaced part of the defined function. As I mentioned before, when building our global hooks, we will use Mhook library. It is a free and easy-to-use open-source library for Windows API hooking supporting x32 and x64 system architectures. To do this, the latest version of the Mhook sources is required, which will be added to your project.

Please note, any precompiled headers must be disabled for Mhook files. As we have already said, to provide an API hooking example, we will make the calc. As we cannot find the full information in the winternl.

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We appreciate all your support. As far as dream tool 5 hp sawstop table saw. Are you working on any projects at this time?

This year, we chose turquoise and gold with a tiny bit of lime green added for a little extra pizzazz. We owned exactly two ornaments in any of those colors. In years past, we have always incorporated silver into our Christmas color palette. Not a speck of gold. I came home with a whole box full of goodies. Next, my daughter and I got down to the business of making our own ornaments.

I was inspired by some owl ornaments I found on Pinterest. Kids can definitely help with this. At the top of a toilet paper tube, push down on opposite sides so they fold and meet in the middle. Squeeze the peaks that will be created by these folds. Paint the tubes however you want. We used turquoise and lime green. Let them dry for at least an hour.

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