Glenn and Toni Obermann, Monett claimed the purple ribbon for the fifth time in the last nine years. The varieties in the mix were WL alfalfa and Crown Royal orchardgrass. The total digestible nutrient TDN level was The second place hay in the grass-legume class also came from the Obermann Farm with a RFQ is an objective measurement that serves to analyze the nutrient content following the lab work. Normally, the champion hay comes from the legume class which had 13 entries.

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In Arkansas Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Altus – Ozark – High School Stage – At the Ozark High School, the stage used for musicals and plays is supposed to be haunted by a student who longed to be in a production.

Time seems somehow out of synch: A high-speed highway slices through a farmer’s hard-cleared field and deflects the hot rays of the sun into a tumble-down log house. You boat upstream on a wilderness river cosseted by forest, then round a bend and confront the towering reality of a concrete dam. The soaring flight of a turkey buzzard, with but one lazy wingflap, overlooks the tangle of primeval life in a secluded hollow–and that of the multitrafficked craft fair on the ridgetop.

And the ancient hills watch it all with a brooding expectancy. They seem to wait–oh, so patiently–for the next act in the eons-old drama we call the Ozarks. While we, the players, try to straddle the barriers between past and present–struggling to keep one foot firmly in the Ozarkian past and one in the easier-living present. Betwixt and between, modern Ozarkers are, living on the ragged fringes of our time frame. And no where is that more apparent than at the surviving water mills in Ozark County, Missouri.

For nearly a century these old mills embraced the pace of the olden times–and to a large extent they still do. Once plentiful in this region of abundant water, Ozarks grist mills demonstrate the best of our interaction with the land–a natural union of the power of nature and the needs of man.

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The New York-born couple – both 48 – coordinated in not-so-basic black ensembles after recently celebrating an impressive 16 years of marriage on July 3 Retired? Amanda happens to be the nepotistically-privileged daughter of Canadian crooner Paul Anka, and she hasn’t had an acting gig since a episode of Freeform’s The Fosters Anka and Bateman were enjoying a rare date night without the company of their two adorable daughters – Francesca, 10; and Maple, 5.

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History[ edit ] The origin of the city’s name is unclear, but the most common view is that it was named for Springfield, Massachusetts. One account holds that James Wilson, who lived in the then unnamed city, offered free whiskey to anyone who would vote for the name Springfield, after his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. Newbill, disagreed in the November 11, issue: But such is not a correct version. When the authorized persons met and adopted the title of the “Future Great” of the Southwest, several of the earliest settlers had handed in their favorite names, among whom was Kindred Rose, who presented the winning name, “Springfield,” in honor of his former home town, Springfield, Tennessee.

On the southeastern side of the city in , about Kickapoo Native Americans built a small village of about wigwams and then abandoned the site in He chose the area because of the presence of a natural well that flowed into a small stream. He staked his claim by carving his initials in a tree. They proceeded to clear the land of trees for the creation of farms. A small general store was soon opened.

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Cruises will depart at Join us for the longest running Folk Festival in one location in the United States. Free music in Basin Spring Park weather permitting , parade, contests, and performances in the Auditorium. A creeping parade procession of funeral hearses, doomsday vehicles, and post-mortem street performers will lead the hungry horde of the undead.

Come out and honor our Active Duty and Veteran Military.

Part of the westward movement of the upland Southerners, they adapted their “stockman-farmer-hunter” economy to the wooded hills of the Current River basin. Although far from shut off completely from the “civilized world,” they largely defined the nature of their isolation before The difficult, dissected Ozark terrain made movement in and out of the region arduous, and the early permanent settlers built communities with close kinship ties that reflected their uplander heritage adapted to the Current River environment.

The homeland developed a frontier culture on the Current that resembled but very much differed from the highlander societies of Appalachia. Even along the Current itself, the nature of the dispersed open frontier communities varied. The frontier quality of the Current reflected the isolation of this rugged hill country and the character of the people that it attracted. The area was largely bypassed during the early populating of Missouri and the Middle West.

Ever increasing numbers of white American settlers pushed into Missouri after the War of From to , one year before Missouri gained statehood, the population swelled from 26, to 70, people, and by the state boasted a total population of , Americans first congregated in Missouri’s two principal river valleys, first the Mississippi and then the Missouri.

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This collection of documents and books is made available to any interested researcher or casual visitor. The only requirement for researchers or browsers is their signature on the sign-in sheet each and every time they enter the room. Researchers are free to explore the shelves, open file drawers and pull out any file of interest to them. Likewise, they are free to take down and look at any book of interest.

Books can be signed out overnight only with permission of the reference librarian.

When opened in , the park was hailed as a home for traditional crafts and music and has since become one of the important institutions preserving this particular way of life. Although the Folk Festival continues to highlight the crafts and music of the area, centered on the courthouse lawn and exhibiting crafts in tents, it was decided, after about a decade, that the heritage of the Ozarks needed a more permanent home.

Proponents of the folk center idea believed that it would not only preserve the traditional music and folkways but that it could also provide much-needed jobs for one of the most economically depressed regions of the state. However, it was only in that Arkansas congressman Wilbur D. The facility is situated on a hilly, eighty-acre tract at the north edge of town.

In the spring of , however, it became apparent that the contractor was in financial distress and unable to complete the contract plans. In May , following extended negotiations, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism entered into an operating lease agreement to operate and manage the demised premises. Today, the total leased area consists of acres. Facilities included a 1, seat music auditorium new seating has since reduced the capacity to 1, , sixteen craft shops now twenty-four craft demonstration areas , a welcome center, a sixty-unit lodge, a restaurant, food outlets in the crafts area, a conference center, and a gift shop.

Meetups in Ozark

Eventually, the term came to refer to all Ozark Plateau drainage into the Arkansas and Missouri Rivers. An alternative origin for the name “Ozark” relates the French term aux arcs. In the later 17th and early 18th centuries, French cartographers mapped the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers. The large, top most arc or bend in this part of the Arkansas River was referred to as the aux arcs—the top or most northern arc in the whole of the lower Arkansas.

Travelers arriving by boat would disembark at this top bend of the river to explore the Ozarks; the town of Ozark, Arkansas is located on the north bank at this location.

Karst features such as springs , [11] losing streams , sinkholes and caves are common in the limestones of the Springfield Plateau and abundant in the dolostone bedrock of the Salem Plateau and Boston Mountains. Kept open by periodic fires that limit growth of grasses and forbs in shallow soil, glades are home to collared lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, cacti and other species more typical of the desert southwest.

Summits can reach elevations of just over 2, feet m with valleys to 1, feet m deep m to m. Turner Ward Knob is the highest named peak. Located in western Newton County, Arkansas , its elevation is 2, feet m. Nearby, five unnamed peaks have elevations at or slightly above 2, feet m. Drainage is primarily to the White River, with the exception of the Illinois River. The Springfield formation’s surface is primarily Mississippian limestone and chert , where the Salem Plateau is older Ordovician dolostones, limestones, and sandstones.