It wasn’t air duct cleaning, it was dryer vent cleaning. I am very pleased. However, when I replace the vent it was still dirty. Also, I would have appreciated a picture after showing the duct and dryer vents cleaned. I A video was shown prior but nothing sent afterwards. They answered all my questions and even took pictures and show them to me as the dryer vent was so clogged which prevented the efficiency of my clothes dryer. Two Sears workers 4 Hours. Then they said, we had more ducts, then we had told them. Then they said we needed new aluminum connectors the dryer to duct.

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See all verified customer reviews September 13, 5 Your craftsman was exceptional. His interest and guidance for the future care of the door was terrific. I thank hm for his work and service.

Shipping and Delivery Information Curbside delivery does not include hook-up/installation, assembly of items, or removal of packaging. Standard: Premier delivery includes unpacking and removal of packaging materials as well as hook-up/installation for appliances, as needed.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues: Wrong characters appear when typing. Onscreen messages do not appear when pressing multimedia keys. Setting a multimedia button produces an illegal operation error message. Multimedia keyboard buttons not working. Internet keyboard buttons not working. These troubleshooting steps should help: The most common problem when faced with a non-working keyboard is an improper connection.

Try reconnecting your keyboard, restart your computer and see if that fixes it. Turn off the system. Unplug the keyboard connect and inspect for any bent or broken pins.

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These services do not apply to items arriving via Oversized Shipping. What to do before delivery: Requested assembly will be performed prior to delivery Assemble sheds, lawn buildings or gym sets Furniture The following delivery information and services apply to Sears Home Delivered items only. Determine and prepare an accessible location Delivery Team will: All Sears Home Delivery eligible products will be delivered in carton. The delivery team will not open boxes or initiate set up.

Sears Installation Services takes pride in our quality service and we stand behind it with a 1-year warranty on all installation work. location and hook it up and consolidate up to three remotes* Additional installation services for kitchen appliances.

Why is every item considered unique? We offer both new items as well as one-of-a-kind, out of box, discontinued, refurbished, scratched and dented merchandise. Prices of individual items will vary depending on the condition of the merchandise. Because each product is unique, it is important to review the photos and condition details of each item before purchase.

In some instances, the product is greatly discounted due to damage. If you would like to read more about the different condition types of items on SearsOutlet. Sears Outlet completes a rigorous refurbishment process on all out of box merchandise. This process includes testing, part replacement, cleaning, and mechanical repairs when necessary.

Order Processing When does my credit card get charged? Once you complete the Checkout process, the following steps will occur: You will get a confirmation number after clicking the Place Order Now button.

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Some of our items are delivered to you directly from your local store, others come nationally from one of our warehouses or vendors. Shipping Smaller, lighter weight items will be sent via UPS. Shipping time depends on factors such as processing time in our locations and UPS availability.

Sears Home Delivery. Deliver and hook-up a free standing or slide-in range without installing a range anti-tip device Appliances: Tools, Fitness, Spa: Get the specifics for home delivery of Appliances. Read up on what you need to know about home delivery for Tools, Fitness, and Spa. Lawn & Garden: Furniture: Find delivery information.

Older replies John Moore is a multi-millionaire in his mid ‘s. He is also a man of upstanding character, who was well-loved and well-respected by his leaders. You don’t have to worry about John Moore. Whenever a VP leaves a company, a golden parachure is involved, and Mr. Moore is sure to quickly land on his feet. Online shopping is the new wave, and Sears has failed to make the necessary adjustments to compete with the Amazons and Walmarts of the world.

MRJxdke-iaxl Store traffic is soft because of how you treat the customer. However, we continue to face a very challenging retail environment with softness in store traffic and elevated price competition. To build on our progress and better face enduring headwinds, we will need to take further action. In addition to our efforts to improve our operating performance, we continue to pursue a number of new partnerships and other membership offerings to support the evolution of our Shop Your Way ecosystem.

All of these activities are consistent with our ongoing strategy of focusing on our Best Stores, Best Categories and Best Members. We are also working on different opportunities to increase our financial flexibility through our real estate portfolio.

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Jul 22,  · I spoke to the store manager and he said they don’t hook them up and we should have been told that when we bought it. In fact, he said nobody hooks them up. I told him Home Depot does and he didn’t believe me at first until I told him I had just walked out of there with all the information.

Verified Reviewer Original review: The machine stopped working, so my wife called to set up a service. We had to wait over 3 weeks for a technician to come. They came and repaired it and it stopped working again. We called and we were told we had to wait 3 more weeks. We did, and the repair tech came yesterday.

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Delivery was late, no surprise. Delivery people on refrigerator refused to hook it up properly–no surprise, did it myself. However, upon using it the first time–the dryer would not continue running and kept tripping a breaker. Sears said, ‘the problem must be with your electrical panel’ and stated that I had to contact an electrician. The licensed electrician found that the so-called Sear’s ‘installation techs’ hooked up the dryer for a three wire hook-up, instead of the four wire hook up it was.

I am glad to see Sears hook up with Amazon as they are better to schedule delivery with, and their service has improved. Well played Sears, well played. Happy too that the price had gone down $ while this was waiting in my s:

Many thanks for the assistance from California Department of Consumer Affairs within the California Attorney General Office which helped me force Sears to honor their warranty. The tub developed a small crack and leak on the inside where a screw on the outside of the tub attaches a metal bracket to the tub. This leak allowed water to accumulate on the floor under the dishwasher, eventually soaking and ruining the toe kick portion of one of our kitchen cabinets.

The owner’s manual states the following: For the life of the dishwasher, if a leak should occur as a result of failure of the polypropylene tub or inner door panel due to cracking, chipping or peeling, Sears will replace free of charge the tub or inner door panel. The first told me that the dishwasher was only covered by a one year warranty. This charge is for the Technician Service Call to diagnose the problem.