And that allows you to fire off several performance profiles as well as some sweet RGB bling Corsair at this cooler. The cooler is very silent and certainly brings in very adequate cooling capacity. The ‘I’ in the naming refers towards software control and monitoring. The Corsair application will also allow you to customize LED lighting directly from the software. These days you can pick a hundred different heatpipe based coolers, where many are shaped, formed and priced the same. The better heatpipe based coolers are good though. Next in line are LCS systems liquid cooling , the entry-level products are affordable, easy to install pre-fab liquid cooling kits. The bigger problem is cooling performance. The gear behind these kits are good yet the performance is often battling a small included mm radiator with thin tubing and lacking coolant levels due to missing reservoirs. With that in mind, Corsair started to develop a new H series for Hydro coolers.

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Electrically, there is no problem doing this – the fourth pin on the fan cable is used purely for PWM control and is not needed in order for the fan to run. So you can plug the 4-pin fan connector onto the 3-pin motherboard fan header, leaving the fourth pin not connected to anything. The fan will potentially run at full speed, so if you would like to reduce the speed of the fan you will need to adjust the fan speed setting in your BIOS or use fan control software such as SpeedFan in Windows.

The only other problem to consider is that occasionally, components immediately adjacent to the motherboard fan header can get in the way of the larger 4-pin fan connector, physically preventing connection. This problem also occurs if you try to use an in-line fan speed controller such as the one made by Gelid. Another avenue to explore is the possibility of using a bay-mounted fan controller.

Sep 14,  · Corsair Link Dashboard software allows you to monitor your system and gives remarkable control over your case fans, lighting, and compatible Corsair power supplies and Hydro Series liquid CPU.

Here is my current set up: The ones that came with the case SP The other 3 are not used yet. Everything seems to be functional. All of the 5 fans are spinning. They are all connected to the Commander Pro for power slots For the RGB controler, they are all connected to the fan hub, once connected to the slots 1 to 5 without skipping any of them. I put them into different PSU slots to ensure they would get enough power.

All the fans start spinning, no issues there. All the fans keep spinning. The other fans do not get any light whatsoever. I connected them all as usual filling up slots in order for each the fan hub and the Commander Pro. The other part of the ring does not light up at all.

ASUS Strix GTX 780 6GB Review – Nearly Silent Gaming

November 4, in Fans Tags: While fan specs are helpful, like pumps they represent how the fan performs in an artificial open air and unmounted condition without any restriction, mounting vibrations, or undervolting effects. In addition there are many different mathematical methods in which noise levels are calculated Removal of ambient noise and measured making the task of comparing fans based on specs alone for a radiator application a best guess.

In addition, those testing conditions do not include vibration created noises that exist once a fan is mounted to a radiator. Many fans also exhibit motor ticks or harmonics at some voltage levels other than 12V when using a fan controller. That brings me to the purpose of this test, to test in a more real world like radiator scenario without any adjustments to noise levels and record it for your own review.

With the fans mounted to the radiator it is a tight fit to get the Hi into place, but there is just enough clearance to make it happen. At this stage we will hook up our Corsair Link cables for both the Hi and the AXi and work a little bit on our cable management before going further.

We took a look at the gamer-orientated GS V2 just the other week, followed by evaluation of the HX V2 a short while ago. These two high-quality PSUs were just the aperitif, as the meaty main course arrives in the form of an all-new supply today. It makes sense for Corsair to refresh its enthusiast PSUs in one fell swoop. The original AX-series, released two years ago, remains a consummate performer but can’t quite match the specifications being laid down by an influx of 80 PLUS Platinum supplies we’ve seen crop up in Rather than re-release the top-end AX with a very minor specification bump, Corsair is looking to unleash a serious contender for best PSU in the business.

Say hi to the AX i Digital. Looking similar to the same-wattage AX variant by measuring in with identical mm x mm x 86 mm WxDxH dimensions and outfitted with an also-identical mm fan, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. The AX i’s first real improvement is available through a perusal of its specifications. Whereas the incumbent is rated at 80 PLUS Gold, meaning it is at least 90 per cent efficient with a 50 per cent load tested with a V AC source , this supply inches that up to 80 PLUS Platinum, where it’s at least 92 per cent efficient in the same test.

But what’s a couple of per cent between AX-series stable-mates, right? Flip it around and the fully-modular setup is sensibly carried over to the ‘i’. This upside-down view shows that none of upper cable connectors have changed – we’ll get onto the cabling in a second – but take a look at the ‘COMM’ port at the bottom; it’s designed to feed a glut of data over to the PC via Corsair’s LINK system-monitoring software, and Corsair includes the necessary USB-connected LINK header in the voluminous package.

Another difference rests with the self-test button, new on this model, which confirms the PSU is running to specification; you see a green light if everything’s working just as it should. Cables Cables, type, length, plugs on cable Main.

Two intake fans and 1 exhaust?

After a solid five years on my old i based system, it was time to move on It turns out I had so much to say about this new build that it’s simply too much for a single blog post, so I broke it into two parts. In this first post, I list all the different parts I used in my new computer, and then I go into detail about the hardware and BIOS configuration steps I performed. In the next post , I talk about which drivers I had to install, where to find the correct versions, optimization tips, and finally I’ll provide some benchmarking numbers to show how this new PC compares to my build.

I had some more specific requirements, too: Must support the latest generation of Intel desktop processors.

Feb 20,  · Hello, I just bought a corsair axi PSU. I also own a Hi cpu water cooler from corsair. I am wondering if i can skip hooking up the hi via USB if .

Originally Posted by SubCog One thing I’ve noticed with my friends is that whether someone collects boxes and manuals is partially based on whether they bought new games as a kid. Lots of people have this experience where they buy a game from the store, open it and read through the manual in the car on the way home, and savor the anticipation My family was too poor to buy new consoles or games.

The box he gave us had a dozen loose games. This was pretty typical for how we acquired consoles and games, so I don’t have much nostalgia for boxes and manuals. You can count me out of that demographic I guess then. I just simply didn’t care enough to save the boxes in most situations.

Did my Seagate external harddrive die?

The entire box was wrapped in a shrink wrap plastic to keep everything shut and nice. Throughout the packaging, you will find everything in English and several other languages. Spinning onto the back side, you will find a chart that shows a comparison of a k overclocked to 4.

Set up powerful macros to automate nearly any task through CORSAIR iCUE. How to Set Up Fan Control & System Lighting in CORSAIR iCUE Take command of your PC cooling and lighting capabilities with CORSAIR iCUE in this how to video.

If you note in the reviews, there is a decent amount of chip-to-chip variation, and 4. I unfortunately don’t have numbers to back this up Im going to have to look at some overclocking guides to find out the right things I need to tweak to get stable OCs. I’m not used to this turbo thing and LLC and all of the little settings and sliders yet. I thought Corsair Link would be good, but it isn’t that great. The options for the motherboard apps isn’t that good.

I may need to look into a “one solution to rule them all” or something. I would like for something to control the H80i fans, but something that would vary the case fans based on airflow, and not necessarily case or CPU temperatures. To use Corsair link for the case fans I would have to get an adapter to hook into the H80i pump, but still would have to rely on temperatures for fan control.

Speedfan doesn’t work with the motherboard. Any other controller app that would work

Corsair Hydro Series H80i and H100i CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

It has a heat dissipation area more than twice that of the reference NVIDIA cooler and uses larger fans that allow them to spin slower and quieter at the improved cooling capacity. Obviously with much better cooling and a lot of work being done on the PCB of this custom design, users will have a lot of headroom to overclock on their own, but I continue to implore companies like ASUS and MSI to up the ante out of the box!

If you had any concerns about Surround or 4K gaming, know that memory capacity will not be a problem.

The model fan that is included is Corsair’s SPL fan. These fans will push up approximately 77 CFMs with a max speed RPMs, all while having a noise level of dBa.

I use a Dell 30″ IPS panel – here’s a size comparison with the build beside it. Here’s how it looks powered up with the Hue set to red Im surprised at how quiet the case is. Even with all the fans. Next step is to make the Corsair logo on my H i red. After a lot of frustration I manage to get it done. Corsair have a LONG way to go when it comes to their software. Corsair Link is quite possibly the buggiest software I’ve ever installed.

Connecting the Corsair H110i Pump to the MSI Z170a Gaming Pro Carbon Intel (I5) CPU