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It was called Hamm tun, which means the village by the well-watered meadow. Later it was called North Hamm tun, probably to distinguish it from Southampton. Gradually the name changed to Northampton. When they occupied Eastern England in the late 9th century the Danes turned Northampton into a stronghold called a burh. They dug a ditch around the settlement and erected an earth rampart with a wooden palisade on top.

However Northampton was not just a stronghold it was also a place of trade where craftsmen worked and where goods were bought and sold at a market.

This is a list of settlements in North America by founding year and present-day country.

Author links open overlay panel Janne M. Korhonen1 Show more https: While there is considerable debate among economists whether technology can mitigate scarcities through development of substitutes, there is little actual research on the mechanisms and limitations of this substitution process. In this study, I seek to build a bridge between scarcity and innovation literatures to study when technologists decide to develop technological substitutes. My starting point is the theory of technology as a recombination of existing mental and physical components.

Combining this theory with modern scarcity literature that differentiates between absolute, relative, and quasi-scarcities yields a more nuanced framework for understanding both different types of scarcities, and how technologists decide whether or not to develop or adopt technological substitutes.

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The New Haven Railroad’s immediate predecessors were the Hartford & New Haven (H&NH) and the New York & New Haven (NY&NH). The H&NH was the very earliest component, chartered in to connect its namesake cities. The system began construction in and was completed in .

As a genealogist, I always seek the truth. Strange anecdotes about her life have been passed down such as the notion she ran off with a priest after her first marriage. Such stories seem like an attempt by the Freemans to estrange her from any role in the family. But what I do know now is that she married four times. In , I received a copy of the divorce file from the Superior Court in Lincoln County, Washington, which gave some insight into the tumultuous relationship between Lizzie and my great, great grandfather Wallace Freeman.

Life in the impoverished pioneer settlement of Harrington, Washington was not for the faint of heart. What was it about Wallace that made Lizzie admire and want to marry him? Wallace was a farmer of no particular stature in the community. About 15 or 16 years older than Lizzie, one could imagine he assured to bring some stability in her life.

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This Club had two primary phases, distinguished from each other by the most active participants and the topics pursued. The first phase of the Metaphysical Club lasted from until mid , while the second phase existed from early until spring The dominant theme of first phase was pragmatism, while idealism dominated the second phase. The “pragmatist” first phase of the Metaphysical Club was organized by Charles Peirce Harvard graduate and occasional lecturer , Chauncey Wright Harvard graduate and occasional lecturer , and William James Harvard graduate and instructor of physiology and psychology.

These three philosophers were then formulating recognizably pragmatist views. Other active members of the “Pragmatist” Metaphysical Club were two more Harvard graduates and local lawyers, Nicholas St.

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Reconstructing eukaryotic phylogeny is particularly challenging given the approximately 1. Eukaryotes are marked by tremendous heterogeneity in rates and patterns of molecular evolution, including the rapid evolution of proteins in many lineages Dacks et al. Despite these difficulties, five major clades of eukaryotes have emerged: The evolutionary history of eukaryotic genomes has also been impacted by the transfer of genes from endosymbionts i.

Eukaryotes acquired plastids by endosymbiosis of a cyanobacterium or through secondary endosymbiosis in which a heterotrophic eukaryote engulfed a red or green alga Delwiche ; Cavalier-Smith ; Archibald The major clade Archaeplastida includes green algae, red algae, and glaucophytes, and is argued to have diverged following a single primary acquisition of chloroplasts Adl et al.

The remaining lineages of photosynthetic eukaryotes e. Given the importance of taxon sampling for phylogenetic reconstruction Heath et al. For example, in studies of eukaryotes Parfrey et al. With well-sampled phylogenomic data, it is also possible to test the idea that robust phylogenies are better obtained from analyses of randomly chosen sites when compared with data sets of the same size constructed from unlinked genes Cummings et al.

Inclusion of bacterial lineages also enabled us to identify eukaryotic genes that fall sister to cyanobacteria and are hence likely the result of EGTs following acquisition of plastids.

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The sites of many ancient settlements and Roman roads can be found around the town. Northampton began life as a Saxon village called “Hamm tun”, which means the village by the well-watered meadow. The Domesday Book shows Northampton as consisting of houses in The oldest buildings in Northampton and, apart from some castles, probably the country are Delapre Abbey, St.

The first Earl of Northampton, Simon de Senlis, built a fine Norman Castle which, being strategically located in the centre of England, became very popular and important to both royalty and heads of state and regularly hosted Parliament. It was the scene of many sieges and was chosen for the trial of Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury in Northampton was also famous for being the most educated town in Europe, holding in its Monastries and Nunnerys some of the most literate and educated people in the world.

From 10th century to the reign of Henry III, the town had its own mint, which proved how important it was considered to be. It was in the 12th century, while Northampton was amongst the richest and most important towns in England, that Richard I granted the town its first charter.

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