Math Journal Sundays It’s a rainy day this morning I guess it’s nature’s way of telling me to stay inside and clean my house today. This week I had a reader ask me how I use my math journals in my classroom. I guess my math journals are more of an interactive glossary or how-to manual. Every time we have a new definition, or a formula or procedure, I try to do a foldable for it. Students keep their foldables in their math journals, which is organized with a table of contents and page numbers at the top of each page.

HV-7100SX: ELMO.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight.

The ELMO TTiD is the next generation document camera in the ever popular TT series of document cameras. The TTiD is an all-inclusive document camera designed for educators looking to incorporate the latest classroom technology to create dynamic and interactive lessons that enhance learning, creativity and the academic performance of students.

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Google Drive Free, Paid Once you have released the poll results to students, tell students that teachers can make mistakes! Especially when it comes to making sure that every student is aware of the classroom procedures. When students transfer to a larger school, and have six teachers daily, things can get confusing! Additionally, students need to know how important procedures are for both the student and teachers.

How to Connect Your Document Camera to the SmartBoard. Method 1: Allows the user to use the computer while the document camera is displayed on the SmartBoard. This might require the document camera to be moved closer to the wall jack, depending on the length of available cable.

Week 8 Our assignment this week was to look at Chapter 15 in our book to briefly describe how you would use assistive technology for student with special needs. It is important to remember that technology is a wonderful recourse for teachers to use with special needs. I think we often forget this and tend to not use our recourses to the benefit of all students. Mild Disabilities Students who have mild disabilities often have difficulty retaining information.

For these students software like JumpStart Kindergarten Reading, Simon Sounds it Out, and FastForward from Scientific Learning are wonderful recourses because they focus on teaching children a specific skill. Students with mild disabilities really thrive when using interactive websites. Moderate and Severe Disabilities Students who have moderate to severe disabilities are in need of life skills. It is important for them to learn things like personal hygiene, social skills, shopping, making change, time management, and using public transportation.

I found a wonderful website, http: Physical disabilities Students with physical disabilities are students who have some physical disability. Students can use Joysticks that function just like a mouse.

SMART Document Camera™ 450

Just in case, it helps to know the make and model of the equipment you’ll be using; and to keep a digital copy of the operator’s manual on your laptop. If the projector appears unable to put an image on the screen, your troubleshooting process involves diagnosing your laptop, the projector and everything between the two.

Lamp Like the overhead and opaque projectors you have probably used in meeting facilities, digital projectors also rely on a lamp to create an image for display. Unlike traditional projection equipment, digital devices can require a technician to replace their lamps. To check for an out-of-service lamp, or one that’s close to needing replacement, look for an appropriately labeled indicator light — “Lamp,” “Status,” “Warning” — among the projector’s controls.

Without a viable data connection, the information you want to display can’t transmit to the projector, let alone appear on the screen.

Mar 09,  · smartboard and dvd player; Latest Threads + Post New Thread. Results 1 to 7 of 7 Do you mean the i series (integrated Unifi projector and Smartboard). If so, yes you can hook up the VCR to the whiteboard with the three RCA connectors on the extended connection panel. 9th March , PM #4. chrbb. Join Date Oct

Growing Kinders New Years Resolutions! Here is what I use on a daily basis: Promethean IWB If you have one in your room, you are lucky. There is so much you can do with your IWB. I use it on a daily basis for calendar time, literacy and math centers, and daily activities math and language. I take a lot of my centers and import the PDF to a flipchart and use the camera tool to make them interactive.

If you have an IWB and are looking for some activities to do on it and are not quite ready to build your own flipcharts, try out the Lakeshore activities for your IWB. These fun games are super easy to pop into your computer and use as a time — filler, a whole lesson, or as a math or literacy center. There are many Lakeshore games available for the ipad too! The colors and graphics are fun and engaging for kids. Psst…keep reading for a chance to win some of these awesome software titles!

I was lucky enough to receive a grant to have 5 ipads in my classroom! So far, we have been using them during centers and for whole group lessons. Some that we have used are:

How do I connect my Dell Inspiron 15 to projector? I can’t find a port for projectors. Thanks.

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How to hook your computer to your projector 1 Revision: August 23, Hooking up your computer to your projector and/or doc camera These instructions will assist you in performing a proper hookup of your computer to your projector and/or document.

Before you roll it out for your next meeting or conference, set up and connect the board to your computer and ensure it works as planned. Connect your computer to your projector, if you have not already done so. Typically, this involves connecting a projector cord into the video port on your computer and then connecting the other end to a port on the projector, but you’ll need to follow the instructions for your type of projector in order to install it correctly. For the SMART board series, this port is located on the bottom of the board, underneath the pen tray.

Turn on your projector and white board. In some cases, your computer may prompt you to calibrate the screen as soon as you connect the computer and white board; if not, proceed to Step 6. This is part of the calibration process, and thus very important. Touch all of the pen points. When you’ve touched them all you should see a message appear on your screen, alerting you that you’re done with calibration and can now use your board as you see fit.

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Apr 30,  · This short video from Document Camera Experts, featuring Brian Hachey from Elmo, will show you just how easy it is to connect the Elmo TT02S document camera to .

Your computer monitor is too small for everyone to see and your mouse and track pad are too small to share. Not to mention limited to one user at a time a. Other models include these features and do not require a projector as they are built into an LED display. As a side note, think of the possibilities for special needs students and small group instruction if teachers had a TV stand allowing for swiveling to the horizontal plane!

What is wrong with that? Student showcasing and modeling of lessons by the teacher are vital to instruction. Any student could share to the teacher through airplay. With other apps for iPad like SplashTop , you can control a computer from iPad! Be mindful of display limitations on your hardware… I recommend a Mac Mini for the scenario above. Saving content on a computer is easy and the methods are numerous.

Saving a worksheet a student wrote on last year for a student this year would be silly. So would saving inked materials in a Notebook file. What would be powerful is creating an electronic worksheet for students to click through on their computers or mobile devices. Saving ink on a page is like saying a Cadillac has cup holders… 4.

How to Connect a Smartboard to a Wii

It transmits uncompressed digital video and audio over a single, compact cable. Dynamic HDR formats are also supported, and bandwidth capability is increased up to 48Gbps. The CEC allows HDMI devices to control each other when necessary and allows the user to operate multiple devices with one remote control. To watch 4K content on your device, the older 1. Check the cable specifications to make sure it says ‘high speed’, ‘4K ready’ or ’18Gbps’.

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Call today to reserve your homesite is this high demand community. We will have two areas of building. The second area will be Single Family homes on larger lots. This is located within the Stillwater school district. The acre site is located immediately west of the Fields of St. Croix development and north of 39th Street. Conforming to the medium- and low-density residential zone, the development will have a calculated density of 3.

SMARTBoard Tutorial – Using the Document Camera