Come and paraglide with Baz and Samantha Rhodes in Algodonales, Southern Spain, a traditional “pueblo blanco”, one of the famed Andalucian white villages, also renowned for being the paragliding “Mecca” of Andalucia. Our Paragliding Holidays can cater for all levels of pilots and are tailored to suit individual needs, whether you require thermal tuition, cross country guidance or just want to improve your general flying. Our Paragliding Courses also cater for all levels from complete beginners to pilots with flying experience: We can also provide Accommodation only packages. Algodonales is situated on the northern hillsides of the Sierra de la Lijar which is a famed paragliding flying site with both English and Spanish Nationals taking place there. Dating from around the sixteenth century, the village is surrounded by orchards and olive groves which make a picturesque contrast to the brilliant white houses. The centre of the village is dominated by the magnificent church Santa Ana and a lovely square surrounded by orange trees, a perfect scene to relax in and enjoy a refreshing drink after a day’s paragliding. Centrally located for easy access from Malaga, Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera airports, Algodonales boasts beautiful National Parks nearby ideal for bird watching, enjoying activities such as walking, horse-riding, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, etc, and for nature lovers in general. Non flyers would have plenty to do, not to mention visiting the nearby great cities. We are located close to many fine flying sites, the main ones being Lijar and Ronda.

10 bird species you can spot in Norfolk

Hempstead Hall is a 19th Century farm house steeped in history with records dating the farm back to the 13th century. Enjoy a relaxed stay with the Mack family on our working arable farm that stretches to acres of tranquil North Norfolk countryside. Arriving in the farm yard you will know you are in for a relaxing time, with no sound of traffic, just the chatter of the farmyard ducks.

Home to the Mack family since the ‘s Hempstead Hall is a fine example of 19th century architecture. The interior is decked with period furniture to maintain that historic feel and guests dine in the large dining room around a grand dining table when tucking into one of Lynda’s famous traditional farmhouse breakfasts.

Read articles, watch videos and discover stories behind Museum specimens, collections, exhibitions and scientific work.

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Process[ edit ] Two owners place their gamecock in the cockpit. The cocks fight until ultimately one of them dies or is critically injured. Historically, this was in a cockpit, a term which was also used in the 16th century to mean a place of entertainment or frenzied activity. William Shakespeare used the term in Henry V to specifically mean the area around the stage of a theatre.

In this ancient Roman mosaic , two cocks face off in front of a table displaying the purse for the winner between a caduceus and a palm of victory National Archaeological Museum of Naples Cockfighting is an ancient spectator sport. There is evidence that cockfighting was a pastime in the Indus Valley Civilization.

NT Bird Specialists is the only award-winning birdwatching, wildlife and photography tour operation based in Darwin and Kakadu. Specialising in Group Tours and Private Tours from 1 Day to 13 Day trips.

As it is mostly underwater at high tide, no management is carried out and no birds breed. However, it is an important haven in the busy estuary for undisturbed feeding and resting birds, especially the wintering flocks of ducks such as teal and waders including significant numbers of curlew, greenshank and dunlin. In recent years, numbers of little egret have increased and, in winter, it is often possible to see spoonbills.

An active group of local volunteer wardens monitor the birds and try to keep disturbance to a minimum. Visitor access is restricted to public footpaths, largely outside the reserve itself, but allowing expansive views across the estuary and the surrounding farmland. There is no public parking within two miles, although the Tarka Trail runs along the south side of the reserve, allowing easy foot and cycle access along this former railway track.

Chapel Wood is a typical north Devon broadleaved woodland, sited on a steep hillside, crowned by an Iron-Age hill fort, with a stream running down either side. Management consists largely of the gradual removal on non-native species planted during the last century and their replacement with native trees.

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The flu strain, known as H7N9, now mostly infects birds but it has infected at least people in outbreaks in and around China, mainly related to poultry markets. The World Health Organization said earlier this year that all bird flu viruses need constant monitoring, warning that their constantly changing nature makes them ‘a persistent and significant threat to public health’. The three mutations, if they occurred at the same time in nature, could turn a strain of bird flu now circulating in China into a potential pandemic virus.

Human cases of bird flu have been unusually high for China since last year, with three times more fatalities from H7N9 in the first four months of the year than in all of But deaths fell in April for the third consecutive month.

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The deadline of 31st January for records of the previous year has been set to ensure that records are assessed and processed in time for inclusion in the Devon Bird Report DBR. There may not be time to enter into the database records received after January and, therefore, to publish them in the relevant DBR. This is unfortunate because it can both delay the publication of some important and useful records, and result in observers not being correctly acknowledged.

All records and names and details submitted by observers will be entered onto a secure computer system and their names will be included in the list of contributors in the DBR. Please inform the County Recorder if you have any concerns or objections in this respect. A bird record is a sighting or hearing! Although we are willing to receive all records of birds in Devon, some records are more useful than others, depending on the species. The types of records required for each species are indicated by a record code against the species name listed in the Devon List as well as the Devon List Appendix in current Devon Bird Reports.

How to Submit Records Records should be submitted to the County Recorder by one of the following methods.


I update it as and when I have news to report and time to compile it. Any opinions and interpretations expressed should in general be taken as mine, and not officially those of the LPO itself. For more details about the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, its activities and publications, please see http: Assuming that this good news is repeated in future seasons, it marks the successful culmination of an extremely long and sometimes bitter fight against this illegal practice by the LPO and other conservation bodies.

Adverse publicity, some real action by the authorities, some exemplary fines, and the strictures of the new environment minister, have all also played a part.

The Fighting Cocks Bar & Venue in Kingston Upon Thames, is the most notorious rock n roll venue in South West London. Drink deals, gigs, comedy nights, promotions and lots more fun.

Friday 8th March — Friday 22nd March 15 days Leader: Pete Morris Group Size Limit: Cameroon, lying a little north of the Equator, straddles the geographical dividing line between West and Central Africa. Nearly species have been recorded from the country, far more than from any other comparable area in West Africa, and at least 25 endemic or near-endemic species depending on the vagaries of modern taxonomy grace this impressive total.

The northern panhandle of Cameroon extends deep into the Sahel, the semi-desert zone immediately south of the Sahara, reaching as far as the shores of Lake Chad, while in the south, where the country abuts the Gulf of Guinea and the Congo basin, the climate is equatorial and the natural vegetation is primary rainforest and humid montane forest. Not only is Cameroon a land of natural diversity, but also a country with a rich cultural tradition dating back many centuries.

From the heraldic carved designs of the palaces of the Fons in the Bamenda Highlands to the vivid colours of the dresses of the market traders, the vigorously executed handicrafts and the rhythm of the local music, Cameroon is a constant reminder of the vibrancy of West African culture. Our Forests of Cameroon tour explores the endemic-rich forests of the southern region of the country and also features the sought-after Grey-necked Rockfowl or Red-headed Picathartes.

Please be reassured that it is only the north of Cameroon where incursions by Boko Haram from Nigeria have led to terrorist-related violence. The Christian south is completely unaffected by the ongoing trouble.

Strong effects of climate change on common bird populations in both Europe and US

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A mother who was visited every day by a bird she saved two years ago was astonished when the animal barely left her side as she battled cancer. Dina Theissen, 47, found a baby blue jay near a tree in her garden when he was only a few hours old. When the baby bird’s mother didn’t show up, teacher Dina, her husband Ken, 49, and their daughter Alyssa, 8, took it into their home and named him Gracie. The family spent days nursing the chick back to health in a towel-lined shoebox, which they kept on their patio.

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In the right place, and at the right time, birdwatchers can observe many types of bird as they pass through well-known migration hot spots, from raptor bottlenecks such as Veracruz Mexico and the Strait of Messina Italy to Point Pelee Canada and Beidaihe China , which see spectacular movements of songbirds. The world’s best wildlife holidays: From Madagascar and the Philippines to Arctic Canada and the cloud forests of Costa Rica, they also happen to be among the most spectacular destinations for a holiday.

A good network of trails gives access to superb habitat where more than species have been recorded. The resplendent quetzal Credit: Naturetrek ; naturetrek. The extensive forest, steep rocky outcrops and alpine pastures support a typical Central European upland fauna, topped by the wallcreeper. This cliff-inhabiting species, more lepidopterous butterfly-like than avian, is a big prize for any skilful and patient birdwatcher.

Lanius Bird Tours ; laniusbirdtours.

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March 31, , Durham University Wrens have been increasing in northern European areas where winters are becoming milder, but declining in some southern countries where summers have been getting hotter and drier. Stephen Willis, Durham University Scientists have shown for the first time that common bird populations are responding to climate change in a similar pronounced way in both Europe and the USA.

An international team of researchers led by Durham University, UK, found that populations of bird species expected to do well due to climate change had substantially outperformed those expected to do badly over a 30 year period from to It is the first real demonstration that climate is having a similar, large-scale influence on the abundance of common birds in widely separated parts of the world, the researchers said. Among the species showing pronounced effects of climate change are common woodland and garden birds such as the wren, in Europe, and the American robin in the USA.

Kent Ornithological Society was founded in Our aims are: To record and monitor the county’s bird life providing both an accurate historical record of Kent’s birds but equally importantly providing data that can be used to help protect valuable habitats from development and other threats.

IRAN 12—26 April Until very recently, Iran, with its incredible history and diverse avifauna, was off-limits to Western birders, but with travel restrictions now lifted, we are once again able to enjoy this fascinating country and its birds. Day 3 We will spend the whole of today exploring the mangrove forest and intertidal areas east of Minab. We may also be lucky enough to pick out an Oriental White-eye in the mangrove or an Indian Pond-heron in one of the channels; other members of the heron family, such as Great Egret, Grey Heron and Western Reef-heron, are common.

Day 4 We have another opportunity to try for Sind Woodpecker this morning if necessary, otherwise we will pay a visit to some nearby wadis, which provide the perfect habitat for Graceful Prinia, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, Egyptian Vulture, Green Bee-eater and Eastern Orphean Warbler. On our way back to Bandar Abbas, time permitting, we will visit Kuh-e-Genu, an isolated mountain rising to m and just 25 kilometres north of the town. The scenic winding road up the mountain takes us through a variety of vegetation zones to scattered junipers not far below the summit.

We will then catch an evening flight to Tehran, where we will transfer to a nearby hotel for an overnight stay.

Britain’s 20 best birdwatching spots

Here is our top 10 of places to explore a region brimming with birds. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Cley, Nature reserve Cley Nature reserve visitor centre, nature reserve For: The area is blessed with a wide variety of bird species across its miles of coastline and inland areas such as the Brecks with its unique microclimate. It attracts great number of migratory birds during the spring and autumn due to its position, sticking out into the North Sea towards Scandinavia.

The Inn has been serving passing travellers for over years With much of the building dating from circa We now serve ales and traditional ciders straight from the barrel, so your drink tastes as good as it can be, no beer sat in the lines here.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email These incredible pictures show the moment a good Samaritan stripped down to his boxer shorts and dived into a Devon river to save a bird that had become caught in a fishing line. People watched in amazement yesterday evening as the mystery animal lover climbed down into the River Taw in Barnstaple and swam around 40 metres towards the middle of the river to help the stranded herring gull.

Local photographer Martin Bennett was on the scene near the town’s Long Bridge and took these incredible pictures. The gull was spotted in distress in the River Taw Image: Martin Bennett He said: It was tiring pretty quickly. Read More “We were watching from the wall on the Square and the man, who I believe was Eastern European, asked if we should do something about it. The mystery man swims out into the River Taw to rescue the bird Image: Martin Bennett “The man then ran up to the jetty about 50 metres away and climbed down, stripped down to his boxers and got into the water.

Read More He said: Untangling the fishing wire caught around the bird’s leg Image: Martin Bennett “He picked up the bird, who was very laid back and not at all aggressive. I think it knew it was in trouble. Martin said it was horrible to see the animal in such distress, but said the brave actions of the mystery man saved the bird’s life.

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